Friday 21 September 2012

Braai Day/Heritage Day

On 24th September is National Heritage Day/National Braai Day here in South Africa, I created my own piece of artwork to celebrate, so get your chop on and have a Lekker Braai Bru!

Tuesday 14 August 2012

Why Not A Chicken In A Suit?

I've always had a thing for animals in suits, especially when the image looks vintage. So I challenged myself to create a flawless suited chicken, which i succeeded in Photoshop, and then framing other elements (found on the internet) in Photoshop I put them altogether in Indesign, on a brick wall, like a vintage pub feel.

Monday 13 August 2012


I generated this logo in Illustrator, love the gold on the black background

80's Hooters Poster

I designed the Hooters 1st Birthday poster, which had an 80's theme, I removed the text to show the beautiful geometric design.

Tuesday 07 August 2012

Typography: Ice Font

Designed a poster and flyer  for WhizzKids Team member, Theo, who is climbing Mt. K to raise funds and equipment for the WhizzKids Health Academy. Really exciting because I got to create an ice inspired font.

WhizzKids United Internship (2011)

I joined the WhizzKids United team as an intern at the end of 2011 through to the beginning of 2012, where I graphically redesigned the relaunch of their website, incorporating their new colour aesthetic, red, black and white, over their previous orange aesthetic. Below is some of the stuff I did and definitely see them in action on their website which has officially been relaunched

Packaging: The Body Shop (2011)


the concept:  The Body Shop is confident enough in their brand to sell their products in packaging that has other, including competitor, brands advertised on it while reusing an available resource (core value: protect the planet). This strengthens themselves as a brand and their brand identity.

the message:  Confidently reusing pre-loved magazines.

why magazines:  Using glossy magazines as the packaging, a resource that is already and plentifully available, reduces The Body Shop’s carbon footprint in the manufacturing process as all that is needed is to layer, die-cut and assemble. To obtain the magazines The Body Shop must include their consumers in the new movement and how they, along with The Body Shop, are helping the environment. By creating excitement around the unusual packaging the consumers will start to bring their magazines to the collection bins at the outlets.

Of course the strength of the pages as packaging would be a concern but, the inner packaging will be lined with a new environmentally friendly product called Ecolean, which being made of calcium carbonate and polyolefin results in it not only being strong but biodegradable.

body butter:  The packaging was engineered so that the consumer just simply pulls the tray out using the tab.

moisture foundation spf15:  A more hygienic and convenient approach, the packaging uses 30 easy-to-squeeze 5ml sachets that will last 1 month. This allows use of the entire product, unlike other forms of packaging.

tea tree cleansing wipes:  An enclosed Ecolean ‘sack’ lines the packaging for preservation. The wipes pull out through the top, which has resealable lid.

Further information is printed on brown paper on the bottom of the products.

Typography: Strong Heart Font

Packaging: Charlie (2011)


the concept:  Introducing the face of Charlie, the Smarteez, who provided inspiration for the complete aesthetic of the relaunch. The Smarteez is an urban fashion movement, in the streets of South Africa, by mixing different prints and fabrics together.

‘The Smarteez street culture has been representing south africa where it comes from and where its going, its youth based and the youth is inevitably the future.’ Kepi Mngomezulu

the packaging:  Bright prints, textures and colours embellish the packaging, the box opens like a book and remains closed with a magnet on the edge of the box. Inside the box the bottle sits comfortably in a descended perch with a white vinyl-lined back.

the bottle: Now rectangular, adorns a quirky head-bow on the lid and the orange logo colourfully contrasts off of  the pink fragrance

the proposed photographer for the relaunch campaign: Freddie Child-Villiers’ fusion of vibrant colours and South African heritage is what Charlie’s relaunch needs to captivate and connect with their target market.

launch party:  The relaunch needs to create  hype and get the public excited about the new look and who it is associating itself with. Implying there is now a face of Charlie but withholding who, creates curiousity.

Brutal Fruit recently added a new flavour, cheeky cranberry which has the perfect attitude and sparkle to partner with Charlie for their launch party. The partnership provides the benefit of cross target marketing.

location:  At 3 fashiontv’s around South Africa, ftv Durban, ftvSilverstar Casino, Johannesburg and ftv Cape Town

the invites:  Reflect Charlie’s new, and Brutal Fruit’s cheeky cranberry aesthetic: pinks and prints.

Typography: Chinwag (2011)


the concept:  A restaurant based around chinwag (a play on chin and tail), enjoying conversation over food as well as adding value to a customers’ experience with small details.

the title:  Chinwag, the logo’s aesthetic embodies customers having a chinwag, very loose, happy and laid back, ultimately a tongue-centric font.

target market:  Customers between 20 and 40 that like to relax in conversation while experiencing or sharing good food.

location:  From a Durban perspective, to intersect the intended target market, it would be strategically located on Florida Road.

the menu:  Supports the experience by providing the option of sharing servings.

salt and pepper shakers:  Personalizing to add value. The wood has a sleek and contemporary aesthetic as well as being a more durable material.

take away:  A box with a handle that the customer can hold, without the food inside the containers moving around. creating value through personalization and uniqueness.

Friday 15 June 2012

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Tuesday 15 May 2012

Showing Off My Kristi Kyle Headband

The long awaited debut of my Kristi Kyle Headband, which I just love, was at Taco Zulu in Florida Road unfortunately the food, a large pizza which was burnt on one half and sparingly topped with unripe avo, and cocktails were not up to par but I still love my Headband

Thursday 22 March 2012

Monday 19 March 2012

Kristi Kyle Give-away

Today I found out that I had won this give-away that I had entered on Cupcake Couture, I was so giddy I even wanted to use LOL! Just because I haven't won anything, but the prize is super cute (the pink and cream headband in the picture) and you should really view her other pieces.